When it comes to health, fitness, wellbeing and working out, we think we've got the balance just about right. We're fitness experts who are passionate about results, equipment, and taking the very best care of your body. But our experience and focus are just half the story. We've never lost our sense of humour, sense of community and our appetite for fun too.

We started life as the Soho Athletic Club back in 1994. Our goal was simple, build a real gym. A place for people who were serious about working out, with plenty of light, the right fitness equipment, and a focus on results. The spirit of 'Soho' summed up our attitude. We wanted to welcome people to the best London had to offer: dynamic, bright and fun, with the latest and best equipment, and a real sense of community.

Fast forward to today, and that spirit remains the same. We can still be found at our very first gym in Holborn, and in the new gyms we have established throughout London. In every one of our gyms, you'll still find the enthusiastic, energetic spirit that captures a little bit of Soho, and what makes Soho Gyms so special.