Dear Member

I wanted to personally advise you that our business – Soho Gyms - was this week acquired by Pure Gym Ltd.  This transaction was completed yesterday (21stJune) and we’re in the process of communicating to our gym colleagues over the coming days.

Jeremy Norman, Chairman of Soho Gyms, said:

“After 24 years, the Directors of Soho Gyms feel the time is right to bow out. We would like to thank all our members for the support given to Soho and our team on this journey. Thanks and good luck. Jeremy, Richard and Mike.”

Pure Gym is the largest operator of gyms in the country both by number of clubs and number of members.  Pure Gym has a strong track record of investing in the clubs that they own and they have exciting plans for the future.  I am confident that our facilities and members will benefit from Pure Gym’s investment and attractive proposition.

Humphrey Cobbold, Chief Executive of PureGym, said:

“We’re absolutely delighted to announce the acquisition of Soho Gyms and look forward to welcoming you to Pure Gym. As the leading gym operator in the country and in the capital, this deal willclearly benefit all our members as well as provide more affordable and flexible options to people across London.”

At the current time there are no immediate plans for changes to any of our clubs and you should expect to see the club (or clubs) you use operate in exactly the same way as normal.

We will of course keep you informed of any future developments and plans for the future.  If you would like more information or have any queries or concerns then please refer to the Q&A below, visit Pure Gyms’ website or alternatively feel free to contact Pure Gyms member services team on 0113 218 2667 or via email at

Yours sincerely,

Michael Crockett
Managing Director, Soho Gyms

Questions & Answers

1.     What happens to my Soho Gyms membership now PureGym has taken over?

Your membership of Soho Gyms and all aspects of the club will continue as normal for the time being. As and when any changes are planned members of individual clubs will be given adequate notice of planned changes and their options for ongoing membership of the club.

2.     Will my Soho Gyms membership automatically convert to Pure Gym?

Your membership will continue with Soho Gyms until such time as the gym is converted to Pure Gym. In the meantime, your Soho membership doesn’t enable you to access Pure Gym’s facilities although you’re more than welcome to visit your local Pure Gym to see what they offer.

3.     Will the Soho gym I use be closing?

No, the intention is to keep all the Soho Gyms fully open and the services therein including a full class timetable, apart from during the conversion to Pure Gym, at which point they may need to temporarily close to enable the work to be done as quickly as possible. We will communicate to you prior to making any changes to your gym and our aim will be to minimise any loss of gym access.

4.     What price will the converted Soho Gyms memberships be? Can I expect my subscription to reduce?

Your existing pricing and membership will continue for the foreseeable future. Once the gym is converted, the prices may be set at different levels reflecting local market conditions and costs so there is no ‘one price that fits all’. Prices are set so that the converted clubs are highly competitive and affordable in the context of the area in which they operate.
Prices will be confirmed at individual clubs when changes are planned, and these will typically be lower than at the existing Soho Gyms sites.

5.     I’ve read PureGym operates a low staff model compared to other gyms, will you therefore be reducing staff at the Soho Gyms sites?

Staffing will remain unchanged to start with. As Pure Gym consider their plans for each site, they may review the staffing levels on a site by site basis but in all cases the focus will be to ensure all members continue to have an outstanding service and environment for exercise and activity.

6.     Where will I work out when the conversion takes place and how long will it take before the site is ready?

Options for the use of alternative clubs will be explained to you nearer the time your club is being converted. Typically sites will be closed for a few weeks while conversion takes place.