Frequently Asked Questions


  • GET QUALIFIED - First, you’ll need a recognised, high quality qualification. We run YMCA Awards Level 2 Fitness Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer courses - among the most widely recognised courses of their kind in the UK. They’re even recognised in Europe and numerous places further afield. Check out our upcoming dates
  • GAIN EXPERIENCE AND WORK AS A FITNESS INSTRUCTOR/PERSONAL TRAINER - Based in a popular central London gym, you’ll train with some of the most highly respected tutors in the field with years of experience in the Fitness and Fitness Education industries. You’ll get a chance to shadow our own established, freelance Personal Trainers and learn what it took to build their own businesses. Many of our Academy graduates even go on to work for us. We aim to give you the industry and professional knowledge to become an FI or PT – not just a certificate.

What career options are there for Personal Trainers?

There are three main options for PTs

  • Work as a salaried Personal Trainer in a gym.
  • Work as a Freelance Personal Trainer in a gym – pay rent to the gym but take payments direct from your clients. This is how our in-house PTs operate.
  • Full freelance – Work away from a gym one to one with your clients. Run outdoor sessions, train clients in their homes or yours. Some gyms also allow one off visits for PTs and their clients for a fee.

How much do Personal Trainers earn?

  • This does really vary depending on the amount of clients you have, the hours you work and whether you are employed by a venue or self-employed.

What hours do Personal Trainers work?

  • The hours you work will depend on if you are self-employed or working for a gym (Full time or Part-Time) and how many clients you are seeing at any one time.

Can I use your gyms during my course?

  • If you sign up to our Level 2 or Level 3 courses you will have a complimentary off-peak membership to all ten of our London gyms for the duration of your course

How long does it take to get qualified as a PT?

  • Our courses are part-time with the teaching taking place at weekends. However, you can complete your course with us a little faster as we offer a blended learning course, meaning that you will study for some of the more theory based parts of the course at home during the week using online learning and course manuals. You can complete our Level 2 course as quickly as in four weeks and our Level 3 course in around two months.

Can I work Full Time and Study?

  • Our weekend courses are designed to fit around a busy work-life. All of our teaching dates take place on the weekends and any weekday theory dates can be flexible if it’s hard for you to get to these.

How big are your classes?

  • We make sure to keep our classes small so everyone gets the best experience on their course and contact with our tutors. Our Level 2 course has a maximum of 16 learners and our Level 3 course will never have more than 14 learners per class.

What do you learn in your Gym Instructor & Personal Trainer course?

YMCA Awards Level 2 Gym Instructor 

Level 2 Practical (Gym Instructor) – all taught face-to-face with a tutor.

Level 2 Practical Assessment - face-to-face with assessor.

Level 2 Theory –Anatomy & Physiology and The Principles of Exercise, Fitness and Health (2 exams) – these subjects are studied at home using e-learning and manuals.

YMCA Awards Level 3 Personal Trainer

Level 3 Practical (Advanced Trainer)- all taught face-to-face with a tutor. A marked case study is set as homework.

Level 3 Practical Assessment – face-to-face with assessor.

Fitness Testing –taught face-to-face with a tutor over a weekend with ongoing assessment.

Level 3 Nutrition (1 theory exam)-  taught face-to-face with a tutor over two days. A marked case study is also set for this as homework.

Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology (1 theory exam) – studied at home with the learning material as above.