Bobby Smith


Give me 50… words about you, Bobby

From the first moment I snuck into a gym at the age of 14, driven by the desire to defy being a pushover, as one of the smaller boys in my rugby team, I told myself I would be stronger, faster, fitter, quicker! By the age of 18 I was the 1st team rugby captain and college athletics captain.

During that time I came to one realisation: Your body is the greatest possession you will EVER own and you get it for free! What you get out of it will be determined by what you put in.

Right. What about your qualifications?

  • Diploma/ Fitness Instructing & Personal Training/ Premier Training International/ Level 3
  • First Aid/ Premier Training International

Finally, if you had a superpower, what would it be?

If I had a superpower it would be telepathy, so I can help people past their excuses – though being able to fly is tempting.

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