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Soho Exclusive Classes
HiiT Classes

“HiiT” classes are a great form of cardiovascular training. This can be described as any exercise that gets your heart rate up and keeps it up over a period of time. This type of training is great for burning calories fast and also losing fat. It also helps to keep your heart and lungs fit and healthy.

Holistic Classes

Holistic classes can enhance your flexibility, strength and balance whilst improving your posture, coordination and mental focus. Yoga, Pilates and BODYBALANCE™ classes are a great way to find calm, relieve stress and feel great.

Cycle Classes

Soho Gyms Cycle Classes details TBC.

Strength Classes

These classes focus on improving your muscular conditioning and therefore - your “shape”. They can include weight training, aerobic exercises, plyometric training and functional training (which is a fancy way of saying “exercises based on real life or sports activities”).

Combat Classes

Combat classes vary from non-contact exercise to music classes to full contact martial arts sessions.

Dance classes

Dance classes are a great way to enjoy working out. Moving your body to music increases your coordination, cardio vascular fitness and burns calories. Classes are great for a wide variety of fitness level and abilities.