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Welcome to Soho Gyms – whether you're a big organisation like an ITV or WPP (both corporate members of Soho) or a small local business, we’ve got plenty of options for you to enjoy a corporate membership at Soho. There’s a lot more to Soho corporate membership than you think so get in touch and see how we can help.

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Types of Corporate Membership

At Soho Gyms we enjoy the benefits of practically sickness free employees as well as a highly motivated team, we put this down to our employees being able to the gym and attend classes regularly. With their help, so can you. We offer different packages for companies with 10 or more people attracting discounts at a group rate. For details on prices, please complete our corporate membership enquiry form – or read on to find out more.

General corporate membership

We can discuss directly with you and agree a rate for your employees/colleagues.

This tailored rate would be subject to your personal needs including the number of employees taking up the offer. Each of our corporate friends differ in their aims, size and benefits, etc. We’re flexible, give us a call to discuss and we will be happy to work around you.

It is important that the company seeks independent advice and/or sets up any scheme such as salary sacrifice correctly with HMRC to avoid any difficulties in the future.

Company funded memberships

Your company funds your employees membership either in full or in part as an employee benefit.

This can simply be an arrangement whereby we directly invoice your company for your employees' full membership payment, alternatively your employees can pay any “unfunded” element of gym membership through deductions within your companies monthly payroll. Remember any funded elements are subject to HMRC benefit in kind (BIK) personal taxation. This can be useful for those employees who cannot afford to pay for a full year membership up front, which your company could pay and employees repay through payroll over 12 months.

We set up a membership contract with your company at an agreed rate, fixed for the year and memberships are due at the start of the contract period. Start dates of new joiners can vary through the year and adjustments made, invoices will specifically refer to the membership type, amount and period.

Salary sacrifice scheme

Salary sacrifice is becoming more popular especially with childcare arrangements but the same scheme can be applied to gym membership.

With no contribution from the company, the company saves on NI contributions and you can even indirectly pass on their equivalent savings to the employee too through payroll.

Employee benefit schemes

We work with a variety of companies by providing membership through their nominated employee benefit schemes such as Incorpore and Gymflex.

Don’t worry if you use a different employee benefits provider, just let us know and we’ll look into it straight away.

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Get in Touch

Welcome to the fittest, friendliest gym in town: we can't wait to meet you and get you started. To kick things off, send us an email here and you can ask us any questions you've got about joining – and please include some contact details so we can get in touch. And don't forget to come and see us in your local gym anytime, to take a look for yourself and get the guided tour.