We Support Aids Ark

 Aids Ark's mission is to save lives by funding the treatment and care of named individuals living with HIV/AIDS.In many developing countries millions of HIV-positive people who need access to Anti-Retroviral Medications (ARVs) to prevent AIDS are still not getting them - and as recently as last year, globally, 2,000,000 people died from
AIDS-related causes.

Nonkosi Before Treatment

Nonkosi Before Treatment

Nonkosi After Treatment

Nonkosi After Treatment

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Soho Gyms are Proud to Make an Annual Contribution to Aids Ark of £7000 pa.

Please make a donation and support us now.


AA Beneficiary Nonkosi - Before ARVs (left) and 1 Year Later (right).
ARVs not only save HIV-infected people from tragic and painful early death, but allows them to return to productive lives supporting themselves and their families.

Aids Ark was started by Jeremy Norman and Derek Frost, both Directors of Soho Gyms, who passionately believe in this cause.

Your help is needed so badly. Either send us a donation now or next time you visit any Soho gym you can make a donation by cash, cheque or credit card at reception


Aids Ark is a UK Registered Charity, number 1093966

You can read more about our work & how to support us on our website www.aidsark.org  aidsark@mac.com