Bigger & Better in 2016

ALL NEW Matrix cardio kit with HD tablet technology

Track your workouts

You can record and track your progress, by date, time, length, speed, heart rate, you name it this MATRIX kit will do it. Watch as you improve over time. Even better it syncs to the most popular fitness apps e.g. myfitnesspal, allowing you to record and track as part of your wider training plan.

Stay connected

Easily sync to your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube accounts through your personal account. You can access your account on any piece of MATRIX 7xi kit anywhere in the world.

Listen & watch

Upload your iTunes playlists or listen to a range of on-demand playlists ready to go. Watch tonnes of music videos or use Virtual Active - an interactive video-based workout programme where you can run down the Las Vegas strip, cycle in Yosemite and more.


lesmills smartech kit

ALL NEW Les Mills™ SMARTBAR™ & SMARTSTEP™ kit for class lovers*

Train smart

Ergonomically designed, cutting-edge class kit now at Soho. SMARTTECH™ kit allows faster changeovers, weights that can be used as dumbbells and by speeding up transitions it’ll mean class-lovers get more fitness in less time.

Soho Gyms like you’ve never seen it before!

*Les Mils SMARTECH kit not at Bow Wharf.