Soho Gyms Lewisham has now moved over to an advanced - biometric fingerprint system for added security and ease of access. The new 24 hour gym will not allow overnight access to anyone without having enrolled with their fingerprint.

All members should now have enrolled to avoid queues & confusion. There will be an 8-digit pin code for everyone as we transition to the new gym which has an expiry period in which to enrol your fingerprint.

Our team will help you with this & here are a few more notes.

  • The fingerprint reader converts your fingerprint into its own unique encrypted code and is stored securely on our server. This code is unique to the member and only recognised by our systems. It cannot be accessed or used by any third party outside of our access systems.
  • We do not store your fingerprint. We create a unique encrypted code from your fingerprint that is meaningless to any other non soho gyms system or third party.
  • We do not share any of our members data with any third party & would never do so unless required by law.
  • The new system will give greater security in the gym. It will ensure only paid members use the gym, everyone is treated fairly.
  • Soho Gyms & all associated systems comply with all security & data protection regulations, we always have done & will continue to do so.
  • See data protection fact sheet here.
  • Your trust is our gain.

We hope you will embrace this new system quickly, if you do have queries Then please ask the soho team.


Find out more about our security and monitoring systems.