Iyo Pepple

Iyo-pepple Soho Gyms PT

Give me 50... words about you, Iyo

Whilst studying Law at university, I also made practical use of my spare time and quickly fell in love with fitness. In 2010 I ran a series of nutrition classes to help busy professionals with their fitness goals. Even with the great reception and feedback, I didn’t choose to fully share my passion with the world until more recently. Fitness is a journey and all are welcome to travel with me.

Right. What about your qualifications?

  • REPS Level 3, Diploma in Personal Training
  • REPS Level 2, Diploma in Personal Training
  • Certified Fitness Instructor

Finally, if you had a superpower, what would it be?

I’d like to be able to control the weather. It would enable me to grow food with relative ease.


Nic Bernasconi

“I’ve been working with Iyo for about 6 months now and in terms of moving my fitness training forward it’s the best decision I’ve made. My attitude and confidence in the gym has changed dramatically, thus enabling me push my self harder when I’m training alone. He has a great understanding of what a specific person will respond to and his bespoke training and nutritional plans have been spot on in helping me achieve my goals. His friendly nature can also make things more comfortable and make the most gruelling hour in the gym a pleasure”

Johanne Moss

“I have trained with Iyo for the last 6 months and over that time have seena significant change in body shape and conditioning. His training programmes are considered and targeted. He is very encouraging, never allowing you to slack but also not pushing you beyond your capabilities. He has a lovely manner and a warm, engaging personality – I highly recommend him."

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