Michele Attardi


Give me 50… words about you, Michele

I am a personable and approachable individual who is passionate about fitness, health and nutrition. I practice what I preach my for over 10 years I’ve been involved in fitness throughout weight training, cycling and massage therapy. Whatever your goals are: aesthetic, functional or to address bad posture/muscular imbalance I will work closely with you using a combination of hard work, fun and nutritional advices to help motivate you in order to achieve your goals within a realistic frame time.

Right. What about your qualifications?

  • YMCA level 3 Personal Training Certificate
  • CYQ level 2 Fitness Instructor Certificate
  • ITEC level 3 Diploma in Massage
  • FHT Deep Tissue Certificate
  • First Aid level 2 CPR Certificate

Finally, if you had a superpower, what would it be?

The ability to turn back time so I would know then what I know now both personally and professionally.

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