Robert Bassi

Give me 50… words about you, Robert

Hi Girls and Guys, Ladies and Gents!
You know the score – The Beckhams, ‘Brangelina’ – we are continually presented with images of beautiful people with beautiful bodies – and that’s not even mentioning those annoying friends who seem to be able to eat anything and not put on any weight – grrrr!
However, as I’m sure you realise, achieving your goals will involve some hard work – but not all at once! I want our sessions to be fun as well as fruitful – we will work together with varied routines and build up gradually.
Nevertheless, there will also have to be some commitment and dedication to the cause – your body is not going to suddenly get fit overnight, and it takes time for the nutritional changes to take effect; you’ll have to stick with it – sorry about that!

Right. What about your qualifications?

  • Level 2 CYQ Fitness Instructing (YMCAfit)
  • Level 3 CYQ Personal Training (YMCAfit)
  • InsanityInstructor (BeachbodyLIVE)

Finally, if you had a superpower, what would it be?

Atmokineses – like STORM from X-MAN, I would be able to control the weather.
Everyday would be the perfect in London..

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