Learn to swim

Our swimming school is based in Soho Gyms Farringdon. We teach all levels how to swim, babies, children & adults. Our philosophy is to teach you how to swim with fun and laughter.

Swimming is a life skill that is essential in this day and age. When you get the right direction, you will learn how to love water and be at ease in the water.

We base our swimming lessons on the ASA National Teaching Plan.
This way we can assure you are getting the best possible lesson according to the UK standards. Our private lessons excel the learning process, with our teacher in the water it enhances the learning experience for the student. Reassuring the student every minute and giving lots of demonstrations, this is the way swimming lessons should be.

Swimming lessons in London are increasing every year, people are more eager to learn and realise the dangers around water. We offer intensive swimming course on a weekly basis and during school holidays. Swimming lessons every day for one week can enhance your water confidence and strengthen your ability to swim well.

The swimming pool is heated to 30C and is 1 metre deep. Ideal environment for learning to swim. Each lesson takes place in our own swim lane, the pool is always quiet so sometimes we have the whole pool for a lesson.

Contact details

Email: bookings@swimmingclass.co.uk

Web: swimmingclass.co.uk
Telephone: 07936 182 778