How to get the App

Download the Soho App by opening one of the App Store links provided below on your mobile device.

App store logo  Google Play store logo

Once you’ve downloaded the App and launched it on your mobile device, be sure to select OK when you see the message that says “Soho Gyms Would Like to Send You Notifications” - that way we can keep you updated about new challenges or features!

Launching the App

Once you’ve launched the Soho App, log in using your xID if you have already signed up for our cardio Matrix 7xi fitness equipment, or Create an Account as follows:

Step 1

Click SIGN UP, then pick your own xID to register.  Most people use their mobile phone number, but you can use any 10-12 digit number as long as it hasn’t been taken.

Step 2

Select your home club location, then provide your profile details, check the box at the bottom to Agree with Terms of Use, then click Submit in the upper-right.

Step 3

Slide through the App Tour for a quick review of what the App has to offer, then click Go to App in the upper-right.

You're ready to go!

Add a membership card

  • Click on the top left ‘bar code’ icon
  • Click ‘edit’ far right icon
  • Click on the ‘scan’ icon and scan your membership card

The App will pick up your bar code - SAVE it.
Use this each time you attend the gym, the old card will auto expire.

Book a class

  • Click on Find a Class, this takes you to our classes page
  • Click one of the BOOK A CLASS NOW red buttons
  • Scroll down and log-in with your Soho Gyms user account details
  • Go to the grey menu button and select classes
  • Select the CLUB, CLASS & TIME

Easy – a few clicks & booked plus a calendar event is sent via email.
You can CANCEL a class from here too.

Don’t forget...

  • Click on ‘Connected Apps’ and then LINK your App or Tracker.
  • We will be adding Strava, Polar, Garmin, Misfit and a few others before Xmas with Apple Health Kit/Google Fit due early 2017.
  • Soho Gyms 7xi Matrix cardio kit is auto-linked to your App xID account number.

Your Soho App seamlessly auto updates all functions.

Download it today!

The Soho Team