William Lindsay


Give me 50... words about you, William

I have passion and love for what I do.
My portfolio includes 10 years + as a professional chef together with nutrition and food knowledge, plus 8 years experience as a Personal Trainer with proven results.
I empower clients to become the best possible versions of themselves they can be, helping them to learn to take control of their lives, overcome adversity, increase self belief and know that they can achieve whatever goal they desire.
Clients soon realise their true potential in every aspect of their personal fitness journey. Not only will I help change your physique but I will guide you through this journey in the best way that suits YOU!

I WILL show you how great YOU are! Now ask yourself, Why NOT Train With Will.... you have the POWER!!

Right. What about your qualifications?

  • Level 3 City&Guilds NVQ Exercise & Fitness/ Personal Trainer Qualification
  • Level 3 City&Guilds NVQ Principles in Nutrition & Health
  • CYQ Kettlebell /RIP 60 Suspension Training/ Boxing/ INSANITY Certified Instructor
  • Level 4 City&Guilds NVQ Food Preparation and Culinary arts

Finally, if you had a superpower, what would it be?

WILL-POWER....The ability to help everybody believe they CAN and WILL achieve anything they put their hearts and minds to.


Valentina Borgia

"Last year I felt a little bit depressed after summer holidays, could not see myself in the mirror as I put on many kilos, decided therefore to sign up to the gym. At the beginning I thought a bit of cardio would do the job and it helped in fact to loose the first kilos. However I started to get bored and felt quite uncomfortable on the gym floor. That's when I decided I wanted to try and have a personal trainer. Every time I was in the gym, I was noticing how Will was pushing his clients, so I decided to have a chat with him and a trial session.

From the very first moment he gave me the opportunity to trust him as he was listening to what I wanted to achieve and designed a varied and challenging workout for me. Every hour spent training with him was very hard but fun at the same time and this helped me not to get bored and stay motivated and focused on my goals.

Will did not only helped me with the training, he gave me advice with my diet, he gave me the chance to be confident and he always know how to encourage me and push me to do my very best. He knows how to be professional and friendly at the same time and his approach gives you the feeling he is really interested you achieve your personal goals. Every week he has something new to suggest and new exercises. It's easy to understand how passionate he is about his job!

I have now lost weight, gained definition, self confidence, I am eating healthy, feel more energetic and look better. Will helped me to change my life style.

I would highly recommend Will to everyone looking for a PT as his approach will help to achieve great results!"

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